German Dog Commands

There are different reasons that Dog Trainers and Owners of Dog Breeds from German use the German Words to train and teach their dogs. Often it is because they do not want the average person, as in the USD, to know the words used so that the 'outsider' can not command the dog. It could be that someone has Imported a dog from Germany. Or while a person is in Germany, wants to test or 'try out' a dog that knows only the German Commands. Some Schutznhund Clubs use only the German Words/Commands. Other people just think it is KOOOOL that their dog knows the language from where the breed that their dog is, comes from. Some breeders/trainers might even sell dogs TO Germany... there are many reasons.

For those of you that would like to start training your own dog in it's "Native Tongue". Here are some of the commands used in dog training a GSD. Again, we have sorta alphabetized the list, more of sorting.

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"Ablegen": = "Lay Down and Lie Still" what we would call "Down Stay"
"Achtung": = "Look Out! Watch! On Guard!
"Apport": = "Fetch"
"Apportierbock": German for "Dumbell", as in the piece of equipment used in training dogs
"Auf": = "Up!" (when a dog has been in a 'sit' or 'down')
"Aus": = "Out! Let Go!"
"Bei Fuss": = "Heel!"
"Bleibsitzen": German for "Stay! Keep Sitting!""
"Bring": = "Fetch"
"Daun": = "Down! Drop!" (this is used for the dog that is off leash and used at a distance)
"Fass": = "Attack!"
"Fuss": = "Heel!"
"Gib Laut": = "Speak!"
"Geh Weiter": = "Go On!"
"Gradaus": = Straight and Forward
"Gut": = Good!
"Halten": = "Halt!"
"Hier": = for "Here! Come!"
"Hoch": = "Up! Over! (command for jumping)
"Hopp": = "Away! Over!" (command for jumping)
"Komm": = "Come!"
"Kriech": = "Crawl! Creep!"
"Lass": = "Let Go! Out!" (as in out of mouth)
"Leg Dich": = ""Lie Down!"
"Legen": = "Lie Down"
"Nimm": = ""Take It" (into mouth)
"Nein": = "No!"
"Pass Auf": = "Watch Out! Alert!"
"Phui": = "Shame! No!"
"Platz": = "Down!"
"Setzen": = "Sit!"
"Such": = "Seek! Trail!"
"Such, Verloren" = "Seek, lost object!"
"Voraus": = "Go Out!"
"Vorwarts": = "Go Ahead!" (out in front of you or sending the dog)
"Zur Spur": = "Trail!"
"Zur Wache": = "Watch! Guard!"

Check Below for Trick Training Words

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German Commands/Cues For Trick Training You GSD (or any breed of dogs)

Some folks like to train their dogs with other languages. People that have dogs that were originally from Germany like to use the German Language.

If you were interested in teaching your dog in German, or just wondered what others were saying to their dogs in German.... Here are some Trick Training Command/Cue Words.

On our Tricks Page here on this website I have how to, information, ideas and more, of train your dog to actually do Tricks.

We will be adding words and commands and cues to this page as time allows...check back often.

Crawl: "Kriech" [pronounced = Kree-ch]
Jump (Jump Rope): "Hopp" [pronounced = Hopp]
Play Dead: "Bei Tot" [pronounced = Sigh Toat]
Retrieve: "Bring" [pronounced = Brring]
Roll Over: "Drey Dich" [pronounced = Dray Dish]
Sit Up: "Bettel" [pronounced = Baettal]
Speak: "Gib Laut" [pronounced = Geab Leaut]

more coming soon

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