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White GSD Backpcking

The beautiful All White German Shepherd Dogs. YES! They are out of Registered Stock. YES! You sure can and you sure should register your White German Shepherd Dog Puppies. YES! They can do anything all other colored German Shepherd Dogs (GSD or GSDs) do or perform, EXCEPT move sheep as well as black faced dogs, or participate in the AKC Conformational Show Ring. Why?

Many years ago when a white puppy showed up in a litter of GSDs, the breeders, (now don't shoot the messenger, this is History and I do not believe in changing History to be PC) the breeder would quietly take the pup away from it's mother and put it down (kill it) and never, ever, mention that their lines produced a forbidden white dog. Why?

Did you know that their used to be Brindle GSDs? The color is one that "could" show up in a litter, but probably no longer will. Any REGISTERABALE color GSD can be shown, and is exceptable, in the Conformational Show Ring, EXCEPT white. Why?

The reason that White GSDs are not exceptable in the Conformational Show Ring will make sense to you as soon as you realize that dogs are and were bred for a purpose. Dog breeds were developed to produce the best dogs to help their humans with a job. Some were bred to hunt, others for transportation, and many different breeds to help Shepherds and Farmers and Ranchers. The GSD falls into the Herding Group at or with the American Kennel Club (AKC), still the biggest most active Registration Club in the USA.

GSDs were bred to move sheep. It was found early on that the dogs with the darkest faces intimidated the sheep the best. These dark, black, faced dogs moved the sheep the fastest and the best. The sheep saw the white dog, since most sheep are white, as no big threat to the herd.

As a side note, look at the colors of the majority of the GSD that are in Schutzhund. It is not only just sheep that are more intimidated by that dark color.

White German Shepherd Dog Books

If you do not believe that sheep and or other animals would be intimidated or attracted to dogs by their colors, think birds. It is a FACT that dull colored female birds are attracted to the male with the most color or the brightest colors of their type.

Breeders used to "do away" with their white puppies so that no one would think their dogs carried the then dreaded white or diluted lines/genes. Many did not want to loose their "standings" in the GSD or even "Dog World" that they lived and played and competed within.

I DO understand why the AKC keep the white dogs out of the Conformational Show Ring. It is not prejudice. The AKC is suppose to keep the dog breeds true to what the dogs were developed for, or their purpose of breeding. Therefore, white dogs, not only do not move sheep as well as the black faced dogs, but also when used for breeding, in the GSD lines, dilute the dark rich colors of the GSD breed. In the Conformational Show Ring, diluted colors are a "fault". The feelings are that if the AKC Championed the White or Diluted Colored Dogs, the breeding of them will increase. Thus taking the dogs away from the intended purpose of the breed. Or maybe I should say, taking the tools of their trade away from them.

The AKC DOES Register the White and Diluted Colored dogs. The UKC does include White and or Diluted Colored GSD Dogs into their Conformation Show Rings.

HOWEVER, when the AKC decided to no longer let the White GSD into the Conformational Show Ring, other countries, like Canada held fast. Yes, White German Shepherd Dogs ARE seen in the Conformational Show Rings in Canada.

Whatever the color, the brain is still a GSD and for a great Pet or Working Dog, color really does not matter, training does.



This fact makes me Laugh, because as GSD and Cat Owner, I GET IT!

Do you know why you do not see White GSD with Police and or Military? The White Hair! The shedding on their Uniforms. Yes. This is really true. People in Uniforms are trained to keep their uniforms spotless, and hairless! The white dog hair, even from a Working Dog is unsitely and unexceptable.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes. And if you ever see this, ask the Handler/Officer if they would chose a White Dog again?



The White German Shepherd Book I want a white GSD book

You might notice, when reading or even flipping through GSD Books that there is not much mentioned, if anything, about White GSD. However, White GSD share the same History, Ancestors, and Basic Standard for the Breed as any other or what is called Colored GSD. Is it a prejudge? It is. I used to share it. But when a person starts reading the History of the White GSD, when they read all about the White color, they learn....as I have. Now? I know I will be, if not already, owning, White GSD.

The White German Shepherd Dog Breeders have and are working hard to have the White GSD known as a separate breed, as it is known to the United Kennel Club as "White Shepherd".

There are a few books dedicated to the White German Shepherd lines as well as books titled White Shepherd.

White GSD 5 White GSD Book 3

The UKC and the CKC still and always have, include the GSD with White Coats into their Conformational show Rings. It was April 9, 1968 when the AKC decided, in accordance with the German Shepherd Club of America, to disqualify the White GSD from their Conformational Show Rings.

For "White Shepherd" Dog Awards and Explanation of Abbreviations on Pedigrees, have a look at either our "Pedigrees, Yes! They Matter" page, or our "Terms, Titles & Ratings" page, either or both that is, here on THIS website. See the Navigation Panel at Right.

Many GSD Dogs of all colors also carry the white gene.

Two White GSD bred together will only throw white puppies.

White GSD are NOT Albino GSD. White GSD should have very dark colored eyes and noses.

Early on it was not uncommon for all white puppies as well as all black puppies to be born in the same litters.

The famous Black GSD named Ch. Giralda's Iso v Doermenhof's sire was white.

In 1969 White GSD Fanciers across the USA formed their own clubs for white GSD. Breeding within, continued for the White GSD.

White GSD Book 4

White GSD does do have a Standard for the Breed...it is basically the same as the GSD Standard with this added:
1. 'White. However any degree of shading to buff to tan is to be a fault; degree of deviation deciding the seriousness of the fault, especially if it mars the beauty of the animal.'
2. "Snow Noses", that is an occurrence where the dog's nose is very dark in the Summer, but in the winter months the nose becomes lighter colored, are also a fault.

Any job that is done by a GSD can also be done by a WHITE GSD. White GSD should have the same temperament and drive that any other GSD possesses.

White GSD have stronger rear ends...due to the fact that in the Show Rings that dogs are being bred with a slanted rear and hyper extended, over time, breeding this way, has weakened the rears of many lines of GSD.

Horand von Grafrath and Hektor Linksrhein are the same dog. The name was changed when the Father of the Breed, Captain Von Stephanitz bought him. He was the foundation dog of the breed, he was inbred, linebred and outcrossed, and he carried the white genes and threw white dogs often.

White German Shepherd Dogs are not (commonly) used for Police or Military or Guide Dogs for the Blind because the white hair is "unsightly" on Uniforms and Business Suits.

More White GSD Facts and a Bit Of White GSD History coming soon.....


Some dog clubs, that is, parent clubs, have now moved White German Shepherd Dogs into a Class or Breed Name their own, the "White Shepherd". Good Idea? Bad Idea? I guess you have to look at it from the perspective of the White German Shepherd owner who wants to show their dogs in conformation classes. These are dogs that have been bred to the German Shepherd Dog Standard, other than color, and can not be shown in the German Shepherd Dog Conformation Classes because of color. One of the clubs here in the USA would be American White Shepherd Association.


GSD Salt & Pepper Shakers

Don't you think there is room for both Colored and White GSD? If not in the same breeding programs, at least not fighting about who can have what dogs and the color they should be. Think about Salt and Pepper, each or both make the food/world taste a little better. Or at least, like salt or pepper, if you want one and not the other on your food, fine, but you don't have to make a stink about the other one still sitting on the table.


White GSDDice

Are you old enough to remember the Kennel Ration Dog Food Commercial Jingle? It went like this:

"My dog's better than your dog.
My dog's better than yours.
My dog's better cause he eats Kennel Ration,
My dog's better than yours."

I have been in the "dog world", that is been around people who show their dogs in the Conformation, Obedience, Agility Rings. Around those that Race Sled Dogs, compete with Frisbies, Weight Pull, Skijor Racing, and many other dog sports and activities. These "dog people" are/were my friends, family..... I so know that the Kennel Ration Dog Food Jingle is just how a lot of "dog people" feel about other "dog people's dogs" or "other dogs" in general. Sad but true. What they fail to remember is: NOBODY loves you like your mama loves you. Everyone loves their children/dogs/other animals best. As it should be. But it does not mean that some dogs ARE better than other dogs. One dog might be the best AT something, but all in all, A person should love their dogs best!

It is true that "good breeding", "good genetics/pedigree" matters. A person SHOULD buy the best dog, of good breeding lines and conformation to Standard for the Breed (their breed) as they possibly are able. A person should buy their dogs from a reputable breeder.

And yes. I do own that Set Of Dice and can get more. Contact me if it is something you would like to buy. <smiles>



As you can see I love white dogs. This was my team of all white Siberian Huskies I used to race, in several states, each winter. I have said in other places on this website, I started the Sled Dog Sport with GSD. It just seems right, even though I am no longer racing, to one day have a team of WHITE GSD also...even if it is just two dogs. (I will surely have a GSD of color team, that is already started)

And I have seen many photos of people with their teams of GSD, many of those photos were of all White GSD Teams....can't wait for my own. However, White GSD are very hard to find, extremely hard to find the type that I like, and where I live makes it very hard to visit Kennels that Offer White German Shepherd Dogs. So I am going to have to travel to buy them too.

White GSD Christmas Cookie White GSD Christmas Cookies!


We went to a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party 12/22/13. The Host made the cookies ahead of time and served a wonderful dinner! When the cookies came out for decorating he held up a Moose for one friend and the GSD Cookies for me! How KOOOOOL is that??

So I made a green one, with collar, tag and eye.....then I thought, no black icing, no brown icing, but WHITE Icing.... I made these... we had such fun at the party. And I loved that he made the GSD Shaped Cookies. A Christmas Party with memories I will remember for many years to come.

PLEASE NOTE! The second cookie, I kinda hurried with it, and if you look at it, the dog kinda looks like a Terrier (the way the icing is on the cookie). Keep in mind, the same thing can happen when breeding dogs. Take your time and pick out the BEST dogs you can afford that are as close to the Standard for the Breed as you can find. Otherwise, you might be breeding dogs that look more like Terriers or other breeds. No one wants that.

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