Meet Texas Tea


I searched all over the USA before deciding on this NICE dog. She is/was not only Bred Correctly for looks and size, she is really a clever girl and always has our backs. This dog could have excelled at ANY type of training someone would put time into. She is really a PEARL, a BLACK PEARL! We call her our Yellow Rose Of Texas (that's where she was born).

Texas Tea is BLACK with such a nice and shiny coat! She does not have hairs of any other color on her body! But. Her being so very black makes it hard to get a good photo of her too.

Scroll down to see many photos of Texas Tea doing Tricks, Agility, around the Ranch, and more...much more.

photo and more to come....

Texas Tea Growth Photo 2014-01-07

One thing I really stress on our website is to Know The Standard Of The Breed and Know What YOU Are Looking For In The DOG (not the puppy, the DOG) YOU Are Buying. Take your time and do your Research....not only on the puppy, but the pedigrees the dog's are out of as well as the Breeder or Kennel where you are interested in buying from. I practice what I preach. I LOVE and have had in the past, Black German Shepherd Dogs (GSD or GSDs). I took a LOT of time and a LOT of prayer time before I contacted Texas Tea's Breeder down in Texas. First and foremost, the Breeder has a great website, it has photos and pedigrees. That alone saved me a lot of time and questions on the her dogs, what she does with her dogs and what is in the background of the puppies....yes, pedigrees matter! It also showed me what she does with her dogs and tells me how proud of them she is...that means a lot!

After I finally found Titus and Tekoa, Deron told me to continue looking for a nice Black GSD, one I really wanted to own. I am building a GSD Sled Dog Team again and would like to have at least four dogs, if not six. When I found this little girl, we have named, Texas Tea, and her half sister, who we named Turquoise, I was really tickled, and I started praying about them each. After many, and I mean many, emails back and forth with the Breeder as well as many photos, and phone calls, Deron and I started looking into how we were going to get this pup and her half sister here to NW SD from Texas.

The photo at the right is what we call "Growth Photo". We took a photo of Texas Tea sitting by the Dog Sled the day after she arrived and then several in the same spot, wearing the same harness, ever so often, to show her growing. If the photo is not changing, refresh the page.

PLEASE NOTE: Texas Tea is BLACK! Very Black. She has no gray or brown or white hairs on her. Her undercoat is BLACK. Lovely, Lovely Dog!

Texas Tea sitting in the Snow 2014-01-07

I knew just what I was looking for, not only in the Dogs (that is the parents of the puppies), but also what I wanted in the pedigree, as well as a Breeder. This Kennel seemed to have every element I was looking for.

Texas Tea comes from a long line of Certified Hips and Elbows on Working Dogs. They are not just pretty dogs, they are gorgeous dogs, built correctly, with the right temperament. Her Grandsire is an Import V Mirko Von Grafental, KKL1, SCHH3, FH1, on her Sire's side. She has many 1/2 siblings in Border Patrol, Active Police Dogs, Physical Therapy, Personal Protection as well as other sports.

Why the name Texas Tea? I use Biblical Names that start with T for my GSD...but, in the past we have had a Labrador Retriever from MO, named Missouri, and a big old St. Bernard named, Montana. I am still hoping for GSD out of some friends dogs in TN and one will be named when this dog came from TX, I broke the rules a little bit, still a T name though. Since she is black, Texas Tea just fit! If I told you we put her in a Gold collar and her harness will be Gold colored, would you get it? There is an old TV show called "Beverly Hillbillies", I grew up watching it. In the show, Hillbillies in TN hit oil hunting and moved to Beverly Hills, the jingle has the words, "Texas Tea, Black Gold". So that is how our dog, Texas Tea, got her name. And now the song, "God Bless Texas", I will be singing it.

So here she is, "Kazmaier's Texas Tea Vom Steppenwolf Bach", call name, Texas Tea. Click on her name her to see her pedigree all the way back to the beginning of the breed in the 1800's.

Texas Tea is a very lovely dog with a soft personality. She is willing to please and easy to train. Above all, she is well built, correct conformation and man, I think she is one of the most lovely BLACK GSD I have ever seen. Texas Tea moves like a dream. I am sure, I am convinced that a person, if there was a way, could set a full glass of water on this dog's back, anywhere on her back, while she was in a "Flying Trot", that GSD are known for, and the water in that glass, would not spill a drop. This movement, this correct GSD movement is what enables the GSD to work long hours over many miles, not just for working sheep, but what I am looking for in a Sled Dog.

Texas Tea with Backpack (empty) 2014-01-30

She moves lovely, this is the first time Texas Tea wore a Dog Backpack. The backpack is empty just so she can get the feel for it.

Texas Tea Packing on the Go 2014-02-10 Turquoise (in front) and Texas Tea Backpacking

These are photos of two more days of Texas Tea in an empty Backpack just for training. I like for the pups to wear the backpacks empty to get used to the feel and the sound of the packs long before they wear them with items inside them out on the trial. In the photo of the two blacks GSD, Texas Tea is in front, and her half sister, Turquoise, behind her.

Texas Tea Backpacking with new patches on panniers 2014-02-26 Texas Tea Backpacking 2014-02-26

Texas Tea in her Red Backpack with new patches sewn on. This was only the second time that Texas Tea wore the Backpack with paper and bubble wrap in the panniers. Why? Just so that she gets used to the feel of a full backpack without the weight. The patches are to distinguish her backpack from the other dog's backpacks when putting it on her and on the that if I want to encourage or correct her, and call the correct name of the dog I am talking to.

Easter Is Coming Soon!

Easter 4T's 2014-03-30 Easter GSD Texas Tea  2014-03-30

These photos were taken 2014-03-30. We wanted to get some Easter Photos without snow....and on this day we were under a Winter Storm Warning. I am very pleased with the pups training at this point.

Texas Tea Wenaha Dog Backpack Front View  2014-03-30 Texas Tea Wenaha Dog Backpack Side View 2014-03-30

I have Texas Tea in her half sister, Turquoise's, Wenaha Dog Backpack, stuffed with Bubble Wrap (one side toooo stuffed) to check out the sizing for Texas Tea. I am pleased with the fit. We are planning one the pups doing some light loads on real Backpack trips this coming Summer. These photos were also taken on 2014-03-30.

Vet Visit Weight 4/4/2016 55.5 pounds.

Tire Work Texas Tea in front, Turquoise behind Tires 2016-11-05 Texas Tea 2016-11-05

Side Shots:

I was trying to get a few NICE side shots of this lovely you can see, first she was kinda twisted one way, than the other....Dang It. But, any photo is better than missing out all together. The two Black GSD were out with me as I dug in a few more tires around the 80' x 40' Training Area on 11-05-2016.

Turquoise and Texas Tea on Snow 2016-12-12 Marna Snowshoeing Drift, Texas Tea in front 2016-12-27

These are a couple more 'candid' shots of Texas Tea". I will have much more, including photos coming



Each of our dogs learn this easy trick early.


High five is one of Texas Tea's favorite tricks to do.


At our house, BACK UP is not only easy to teach, it is essential! To teach "Back Up", a person usually takes their dog to a hallway and stands in front of their dog. Give the "Back Up" command/cue and walk toward the dog. At first some keep their dogs on leashes, gently giving cues with it as they work with the dog. The slightest move backwards is rewarded and built on.

Seriously. "Back Up" in our Tiny House, is learned early. And it is funny. I forget this is even considered a 'trick' is just normal here.


Texas Tea will 'Sit Up' as soon as you ask her too....but she does not hold her 'arms' up as high as I would like for her to. She's such an elegant dog it looks funny when her 'arms' are kinda hanging down during this task. Don't misunderstand....she does this Trick well...


Texas Tea is really Deron's Shadow, especially outdoors as he is working around here.

I am not big on the 'Give Me A Kiss' Trick, that is a dog licking my face, but Deron does not mind at all and Texas Tea LOVES to "Give Deron A Kiss".


I have to be honest. While Texas Tea does Fetch on command, some days, her heart is not in it. <smiles> Silly Dog!


Easter GSD Texas Tea  2014-03-30

Our Easter Bunnies are the Cutest! Texas Tea is not just "Sitting", she is "Wearing Bunny Ears" and "Holding A Basket In Her Mouth" on command.

It is best to teach the dog to "Fetch" first, then when they bring the items to you, have them wait for their treat for a moment, increasing the time.

Soon, you will be able to say, "Hold" and hand them items to hold in their mouths.


Texas Tea is really elegant when she Jumps Through the Hoop.


St. Pat's Day Posse 2014-03-16 St. Pat's Pose 2014-03-16

Our Own Dogs At Our Own St. Pat's Day Party! How cute are these mugs!?

Teaching a dog to wear items takes a bit of time. You put the item on them, treat, take the item off. Repeat. Repeat. Then start leaving the item on the dog for longer times, just a little more time. Soon, no matter what you put on their body's, they will leave it until their person/trainer takes it off.

Texas Tea is sitting on the far left, with Turquoise, her half sister next to her. Titus is next in line, sitting next to Tekoa (who is not gone, but not forgotten).


Easter 4T's 2014-03-30

In this photo you can see that Texas Tea and our other dogs are NOT JUST- "Sit", "Stay", "Wearing Hats", but they are also lined up next to one another behaving, that is, "Honoring One Another".

What does 'Honor Other Dogs' mean? It is very important for Working Dogs, Police, Military, Hunting, Herding.... What they need to learn is to pay attention only to the commands given to you. That is....not to get excited about, interfere with, or try to do the task before the other dog(s).

For some dogs, it is easy to teach, for others....not so much.

This Trick should be taught to ALL dogs that live together or dogs that go to classes or the Dog Park with other dogs.

This is very important when it comes to meal times with multiple dogs. Our cats eat on the floor, so our dogs have to Honor The Cats too.


Doggie Push Ups are not hard for any dog to learn. Dog Push Ups are when you teach your dog to 'Sit'/'Down' in a quick matter. Making it look like a fun little Doggie doing "Push Ups".

Texas Tea learned very young, right away after coming to us, to 'Sit' and to 'Down', among other this trick for her.... Natural.


We started Texas Tea on Agility Equipment as a pup. She loves showing off! She loves running around! Now I just need to get some photos of her doing these for here. It is easier said than done....taking photos as you work dogs on or with equipment.


Hoop Jump:

Tire Jump:

Teeter Totter:

Sea Saw:

Open Tunnel:

Closed/Covered Tunnel:


Texas Tea frist time pulling 2014-03-13

Deron and I met when we were both racing sled is only natural for us to continue to train our dogs to pull this and that. Here are a few photos of Texas Tea pulling items, for fun, and working.

Texas Tea pulls all sorts of item. (more photos to come) In this photo she is pulling for the very first time.

Texas Tea Trotting in Harness 2014-01-07

I really like this photo of Texas Tea, I just wish the shadow was not across her.

These are of Deron on my New Scooter he bought me for my 60th Birthday! Oh That Thing Is Fun! (even w/o a dog or two in front of it) Photos were taken 3-4-2017 here at our place.

Texas Tea Pulling Deron on Scooter 2017-03-04 Texas Tea w Deron 2017-03-02 Texas Tea Pulling Deron on Scooter 2 2017-03-04

Texas Tea waiting to be called to work 2017-03-04 Texas Tea waiting, anticipating, be called to action!

Some Winter Fun with Texas Tea on 2018-02-28

Deron with Tabaliah pulling the Saucer UP the hill 2018-02-28 Texas Tea in Harness on Snow 2018-02-28 Deron and Texas Tea with Skis 2018-02-28 Skijouring Lots In Your Hands 2018-02-28 Deron Skijouring with Texas Tea 2018-02-28 Deron Skijor with Texas Tea 2018-02-28 Marna Sledding with Texas Tea 2018-02-28 Marna Sledding with Texas Tea 2018-02-28


Marna w/Texas Tea & Turquoise 2014-02-22 Looking like Angels, Titus, Tekoa, Texas Tea and Joy  2014-02-10 Turquoise (in front) and Texas Tea Backpacking with empty packs and bandanas They still love me, right? T Team at rest Texas Tea and Tabaliah Shopping 2017-03-08 Marna with Tekoa and Texas Tea at the Center of the Nation  2014-02-19  -2 Texas Tea with Deron Parking Lot Belle Fourche SD 2017-03-08 Blackhills Backpacking 2016-04-15 Texas Tea beside the house 2014-01-06 Looking like Angels, Titus, Tekoa, Texas Tea and Joy  2014-02-10 Deron Texas Tea Snowshoeing 2018-02-22 Snowshoeing Marna 2018-02-22 Teax Tea 2018-02-25 GSD x 5 Sleeping At My Pink Chair 2018-03-11

The contents of this page for 'Meet Texas Tea' is still under construction. Please check back as we add more of her photos and adventures through the years.


Texas Tea & Teanna 2017-10-19

We did not breed Texas Tea until she was almost 4 y/o. I am never in a hurry for my dogs to become parents. I want them to grow to their full potential and learn much before they are bred...that is, check their mental abilities. Physical as well as Mental Abilities can be and are usually Bred In.

We also had bred Texas Tea's 1/2 sister the year before and we are not out to Produce Puppies, that is breed just for the money, we are working hard to breed high end, Working German Shepherd Dogs.

Texas Tea has proved herself many times over. Not just as a Pet, a Companion, but also in the many types of jobs she achieves. Adding to that now, "Dam" and or "Mother".

And her puppies?! Oh My Oh My! Very nice pups. And they should grow to be hard workers and great watch dogs as well as companions and pets as each of their parents are. They are nicly built, have GREAT Blood Lines and just as cute as a puppy can be!

We kept this cute little female, now named Teanna, she has her own page her on this site.


Titus x Turquoise 2016 Hugo Service Dog

This is a note I received from one of our Puppy Buyers About Titus X Turquiose Puppy 2016

Hi Marna,

We celebrated Hugo's 1st birthday and wanted to tell you how great he is doing! He has graduated his first two rounds of training with flying colors. We are still working on distraction training, once he is a little better with that he will officially be a service dog! He has been trained to alert me when people are talking to me that I can't hear and also to alert to the doorbell and text alerts on my phone. He also helps me get up off the couch when my leg is bothering me and retrieves dropped items for me. He has been trained to sit and press himself against me and rest his head on my shoulder when I am having a panic attack. We are also working with him on pressing the handicap accessible buttons to open doors and cross walk buttons with his nose. He loves having a job and being part of our pack. He's amazing! Thank you for our amazing boy!

Best regards,

I would like to invite you to join us on a Yahoo Group that I host called Working Big Dogs.
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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
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