Have you ever seen a bunch of dogs participating in Flyball in person! A live demonstration of well trained, well focused dogs! This is a Fast Paced Sport with much going on out on the field...dogs running, dog's setting off boxes where balls fly out of, dogs catching those balls in the air, and running back to the finish line so that the next dog on the same team can run the same course...all this while other alleys are set up for other teams of dogs running and catching balls they set off, and running back to the finish line so the next dog on their teams can run the same course. So as you can figure, this takes some training on the dogs to participate in this Fun and Exciting Sport!

How do you start your dog for Flyball?

There is a LOT of training that the dogs participating in this sport will need. They must love to fetch balls, they must be very social and comfortable around other dogs, lost going on around them, loud noises, barking, and excited handlers: their own, and all the others around them.

A dog that is going to participate in this sport needs to have been out and about in crowds and perhaps taken to parades. The dog that wants to play this game needs to know how to focus on it's handler and task with Chaos all around.

You will need to find an active Flyball Club in your area. Find out all of the ins and outs and how to's from this group. Expect to be training your dog many hours and every day.

This is a fast paced Dog Sport. If you train well, you and your dog will have many fun days ahead. You will meet fun people and their dogs and probably be making long time friends.


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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
Tue, 30 Jul 2013 18:58:52 -0400

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